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Auras- and how to read them

The book Auras And How To Read Them, Sarah Bartlett is a complete, practical self-help guide to knowing, understanding and most importantly, loving one’s aura. First, the defnition of aura and the historical aspect are being explained. Then, she moved on to teaching the readers further on how to develop sense of light, sound, touch and intuition to enable them to read someone’s aura. Chakra energy is briefly mentioned and the role of each colour is explained in the book. With the aura camera, examples of aura pictures using real people are being shown in the book and how to interpret the readings are being taught.

I bought the book years ago because of my interest in exploring colours- and I was instantly attracted to the book because it is presented using a lot of colours- it’s definitely not your usual dull black and white book. To illustrate the colour, the page itself is printed on that colour. The book is suitable for those who want to learn more about auras and learn best visually.

Introduction as written on the book:

Auras And How To Read Them is one of the first practical guides to discovering our personal ‘colours’, or energy fields. Beginning with the halo, and the scientific evidence of Kirlian photography, practical sections then focus on each of the five senses, showing you simple ways to heighten your responses and ‘know’ your aura and those of people around you.

With this awareness, you will want to interpret the characteristics, moods, and expectations that are revealed by the key aura colours. Included are personality profiles for the colour spectrum, together with a gallery of real-life case studies. The author also explains how we can use this knowledge as a basis for personal development, such as understanding how aura colours determine compatibility in love and relationships.

About the author (as written in the book):

Sarah Bartlett is an astrologer and writer working specifically in the mind, body and spirit field. She is resident astrologer for Cosmopolitan magazine and the Evening Standard newspaper. Sarah’s previous books include Love Signs, The Love Tarrot, Feng Shui for Lovers, The World of Myths and Mythology and Women, Sex, and Astrology


Many people have fear of public speaking. When coming face to face with a huge group of strangers, even the best rehearsed scripts can be totally forgotten. The speaker is then left to stand in agony and cold sweat, trying to figure out the best way of exit.

During my initial venture into public speaking, I found the book How to Make a Great Presentation in 2 Hours by Frank Paolo to be invaluable. The book was originally written by him in 1993.

I’ve implemented some of his advice and found that they worked for me, such as:

  • you don’t need to use props to give a good presentation. Usually, I use my hands and speech but not props because hey, if the props does not set up properly, it will be a cause of panic
  • not using boring opening liners
  • never memorise your speech- only memorise the opening and closing that should not be more than 90 minutes long

But over time, I’ve adapted my own style- speaking with sincerity and from the heart whenever I speak in the public. Learning to acknowledge feedback, good or bad. And to speak from the heart, the ego must get out of the way as much as possible.

Still, I  think it is one of the best practical books that I’ve read on how to make a presentation. It will benefit any beginners who are trying to make a presentation.




No More Mondays by Dan Miller

Do you hate Mondays? If so, what’s keeping you from quiting your job?

If you said a steady paycheck and the promise of a secure retirement, then you’re in for a big disappointment. In today’s volatile economy, there’s nothing safe about punching the block for the job you hate.

In his book, No More Mondays, Dan Miller first shared on his own experience – that he had failed and made mistakes and bounced back up. He described methods that can be used to achieve that life where there’s no more Mondays.

About Dan Miller

Dan Miller is the author of the best-selling 48 days to the Work You Love book, workbook and audio program. As a life coach, he has guided people through the anguish of unexpected change to the exhilaration of meaningful work and increased time and financial freedom. Dan has appeared on CBS’s The Early Show and MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews. He lives the life he describes, combining work and play, with his wife Joanne, on their nine-acre sanctuary near Franklin, Tennessee.

His blog is http://48daysblog.wordpress.com/


Many people spend hours stuck in jobs that they do not like- but hang on to just because the salary and benefits are good.

Pamela Skillings, a career expert and corporate escapee wrote the book Escape from Corporate America: A Practical Guide to Creating the Career of Your Dreams to provide inspiration for those who are stuck in a rut and wanted to escape but do not know how.  The book is written with a good dose of humor and a lot of scenarios that would have you saying “ahh….yess….I have experienced that too!” Told perfectly from the insider’s point of view.

It is practical, not a book about dreams and building castles in the air, neither it is a negative bitching the company/boss kinda book. Seriously, you need not be working in America to be able to relate to the universal problems that we all seemed to face- stuck in a job we do not like and wishing for more. Worldwide, corporate workers can really relate to what she is telling.

Her book will show you how to:

  • access your job’s “suck” factor.
  • identify your true calling
  • develop your Escape Plan
  • find jobs that don’t bite
  • be your own boss
  • follow your creative dreams
  • overcome any obstacle.

When you read her book, you will feel that you are not alone when you feel that you can’t seemed to fit in.

For instance, in the chapter, “True Callings and Wrong Number” (really humor in the title), she said that many people have the notion that a perfect career exists for each of us- equivalent of a job’s soul mate. But in fact, we may not have one true calling because we are all complex.


How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business, 4th (Home-Based Business Series)  by  Shirley George Frazier provides information on a gift basket startup. The book is written by a successful gift basket entrepreneur- and so, a lot of the tips are down to earth.

Some of the main points of the book:

  • what it takes to be a gift basket professional
  • ways you can introduce your products to friends, family and prospects
  • how to set a price to your gift baskets
  • where to look for prospects and how to outshine your competition
  • develop a web site to generate traffic
  • home office and workspace setup
  • getting paid for your work
  • workbook pages such as customer profile form, sample business plan, buying charts, sample purchase order, sales invoice sheet, delivery schedule, expense analysis.

I bought the third edition from Borders for RM71.90 a few years ago- during the time when I was still stuck in my corporate job and was desparate to get out and explore my creativity. That was also doing that time that I read in the newspaper on how a housewife is making a comfortable income from wrapping hampers and gift baskets- what started as making for her friends and family soon ran into good demand from others.

No doubt in this book, all the business startup fundamentals such as business plan, pricing, websites, setting up office are taught. But in general business startup books, it will usually cover just on starting a business. In this book, it is specifically written for those who wants to start their own home based gift basket business- so a lot of elements unique to gift basket making are included. There is also a section where she had provided explanation on how to wrap gift baskets- with diagrams provided.

About the author:

Shirley George Frazier has run her own successful home based gift basket business, Sweet Survival since 1989. A gift and gourmet consultant, Frazier also trains industry professionals and others who need guidance to start and grow their business into full potential.


As in all Complete’s Idiot’s series, the book provides guidance to beginners who wants to work on their core conditioning.

Our core consists mainly of our muscles in our trunk (not only at the abs but includes chest, back and hips) and keep us together. A lot of the daily functions that we tend to take for granted such as balancing ourselves as we stepped on a banana peel, juggling a child and the groceries require core strength. The core is important to help perform these functions and if our core is weak, we will be more prone to injuries.

Benefits of having a strong  core :

  • look good in clothes
  • cure /minimize lower back pain (but for those with injuries such as slipped disk, please consult help of certified trainers to rehabilitate the function of the body- don’t attempt to do it on your own)
  • have better posture– slouching indicates there are weakness with the back muscles which can be corrected with core conditioning exercises
  • better body stability and balance
  • contributes to increased performance and results in our fitness/exercise plans.

What’s more, the book contained a lot of pictures to guide a beginner to core exercises with or without exercise balls.